Mobile Real Ale in Worksop - Welbeck Abbey Brewery Lower Motor Yard
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Night Watchman

Welbeck Abbey Brewery

Stout - 5%
A maid in the Abbey was once using the latest invention - the electric iron. Electricity was new to everyone at the Abbey, and because of the costly and elaborate nature of this new source of power, it was only available in short periods throughout each day. The maid was ironing one morning, when the elctricity supply was turned off. Being only half way through the pile of laundry, she left the iron on the board to start another task. The electricity supply was restarted later on that day but the maid did not return. Soon the heat from the iron which was laying on the board caused it to catch fire! It was the Night Watchman on duty who raised the alarm and summoned the fire brigate. Unfortunately they arrived far too late, and one entire wing of the Abbey was burnt down. Our sweet, smokey porter remembers the brave man who tried to save this historic building.

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