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Beau - Porter - 4.8%
Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewery - Porter. Deep, dark, smooth and handsome. Named after the famous dandy, Beau Nash who was Master of ceremonies in Tunbridge Wells during the 1700’s. This beer has a depth of flavour, coffee, dark chocolate, hint of liquorice, and a nice balance of malty sweetness and hop bitterness.

Dipper - Malty - 3.7%
Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewery - Bitter. Named after the lady who serves up the Chalybeate Spring water on the Pantiles. This beer is a combination of 4 different malts to deliver full flavoured beer with a crisp hop balance.

Golden Ticket - Golden - 5%
Beautiful rich gold hue flavoured and bittered with a range of American whole hops. "Just the ticket".

Helles - Blonde - 5%
A British golden ale brewed with German Hallertau hops. Full bodied, yet refreshing, with light caramel malts and distinctive herbal hop aromas normally found in continental lagers. Ideal for those who like ales as well as lagers.

Royal - Brown - 4.1%
Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewery - Best Bitter. A chestnut brown classic best bitter. The full-bodied beer is created from a mixture of pale and crystal malts, then bittered with challenger hops with goldings used for aroma. Based on the recipe for the best selling Royal Best Bitter brewed by the original Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewing Company in the early 1980's.

RPA - IPA - 5.2%
a classic IPA style beer. This is a dry refreshing beer with malty notes and a crisp hoppy finish.

Sovereign - Blonde - 3.8%
Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewery - Blonde Ale. Light golden coloured ale with a delicate sweet nose and full hop bitterness. Made with a combination of Kentish fuggles, East Kent golding and sovereign hops and creating a refreshing session beer.

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