The Red Cow

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6,Merthyr Road,Llwydcoed
CF44 0YE

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Over 300 Beers & Ciders have been available here over the last 3 years.We have been awarded CAMRA Pub of the year 2011 for our Region.... more...

The Red Cow Beers

Brecon - Red Beacons - Ruby - 5% - £2.60
A red-hued smooth premium ale full-bodied with a generous balance of hops.

Greene King - Olde Trip - Malty - 4.3% - £2.60
A rich toffee flavoured beer bursting with fruity character, this premium ale is perfectly balanced with a clean bitter finish.

Grey Trees - Ye Olde Drummer Boy 4.2% - Amber - £2.60
Awaiting tasting notes from brewer.

Grey Trees - Rechabites Bitter - Amber - 4% - £2.40
The Ale is Bronze colour with a few different Malts thrown in and 4 Hop varieties.

Coming Soon

Greene King IPA - Greene King
Happy Daze - Gwynt Y Ddraig

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