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Grosvenor Arms Beers

3D Beer - HOP SHOP - Pale - 4.3% 
Hoppy pale ale.

Brightside - Odin - Blonde - 3.8% 
Odin is a fresh, light bodied pale blonde ale brewed with a blend of American & European hops to give a fruity, citrus flavour and moderately bitter finish.

Facer's - Beerjoulais - Blonde - 4.2% 
Brewed once a year from hops grown atop Fflint mountain. Blonde in colour with fresh hoppy nose and a touch of biscuit to the finish.

Phoenix - B&P Original - Amber - 3.8% 
Amber ale, brewed to our recipe by Phoenix Brewery... just for us! Nutty and malty taste.

Timothy Taylor - Landlord - Amber - 4.3% 
This ale has won more awards nationally than any other beer. A strong ale with a golden amber colour. It has a scent of caramel, light fruits and roasted malt hints.

Inveralmond - Lia Fail - Malty - 4.7% 
Lia Fail is Gaelic for "Stone of Destiny". It is a dark, robust, full bodied beer with a deep malty taste, smooth texture and a hoppy aroma. The beer is rich with a well balanced and satisfying sweetness with chocolate notes.

Weetwood - Eastgate Ale - Copper - 4.2% 
Brewed for the centenary of Chester’s famous Eastgate clock. A Champion Beer of Cheshire, brewed exclusively with whole leaf cascade hops for a fruity foretaste and distinctly hoppy flavour. Has a long sweet finish and a very large fan base.

Rudgate - Ruby Mild - Mild - 4.4% 
Nutty, Rich, Fruity, Ruby Ale, champion twice and most recently in 2012

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1924 - Mobberley Brewhouse
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