Fleur De Lis

Real Ale Pubs, Bars in Banbury. Beer, Food, Music, Events at Fleur De Lis 63-67 Broad Street
OX16 5BL

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Fleur De Lis Beers

Box Steam - Chuffin Ale - Amber - 4% 
Decadent, delicious and filled with festive fruits, this BEST BITTER lets our wonderful malts shine and show their rich, Christmas cake character.

Sadler's - Thin Ice - Pale - 4.5% 
An extremely pale beer finished with a hint of citrus orange hops.

Vale - Black Swan - Mild - 3.9% 
Dark and smooth with an impressive full roast flavour that belies its strength.

Westons Cider - Marcle Hill - Cider - 5% 
Mellow and light easy drinking medium dry cider

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Abbot Ale - Greene King
Rosie's Pig - Westons Cider
Ruddles Best - Greene King
Worcester Sorcerer - Sadler's

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