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Clog And Billycock Beers

Roosters - Yankee - Pale - 4.3% 
One of the original, new-style, pale ales to be brewed in the UK, Yankee™ is a modern classic. Light and easy-drinking, it’s a beer that showcases the floral and citrus fruit aromas of the Cascade hop, grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington State, USA, projected against a back drop of soft Yorkshire water and golden promise pale malt.

Bowland - Buster IPA - Amber - 4.5% 
Big, strong and full of attitude yet surprisingly domesticated, this is a well balanced light ale with tropical undertones. Enjoyable and entertaining company on its own, or the perfect match for spicy dishes.

Phoenix - Brunning & Price Original - Amber - 3.8% 
This beer has a gentle and pleasant aroma with a fine dark gold/amber colour and a good creamy head that clings down the glass. Taste wise, this has a malty, fruity sweetness and a long, rounded but refreshingly dry finish.

Lancaster - Black - Stout - 4.5% 
A complex, classic traditional stout. Creamy, rich with coffee and dark chocolate elements.

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