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The Oakley Beers

Greene King - Old Golden Hen - Golden - 4.1% 
A light gold hoppy bitter with loads of peach and grapefruit on the nose, and a broad, fruity taste, finished off with gentle bitterness.

Salopian - Oracle - Golden - 4% 
A crisp sparklingly sunflower gold ale with a striking hop profile. Dry and refreshing with a long balanced aromatic finish.

Hobsons - Best Bitter - Amber - 3.8% 
A pale brown to amber, medium bodied beer with strong hop character throughout. It’s a bitter but with unconventional warm tones of malt that lingers on the palette. Complex malty flavours give richness, balanced by the clean hoppy finish.

Phoenix - B&P Original - Amber - 3.8% - £3.60
Amber ale, brewed to our recipe by Phoenix Brewery... just for us! Nutty and malty taste.

Purity - Pure UBU - Malty - 4.5% 
Using English Maris Otter Malt with Pilgrim and Cascade hops, creates a balanced full flavoured beer that is a pleasure to drink.

Titanic - Plum Porter - Porter - 4.9% 
This sumptuous beer is dark strong and well rounded; the richness is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring.

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