The Sportsman and Annexe Inn

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Nevil Road, Bishopston

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The Sportsman and Annexe Inn Beers

Skinner's - Betty Stogs - Amber - 4% - £2.80
Classic pale amber mid strength bitter with distinct hoppy overtones. A beautifully balanced quaffing ale. Serve chilled if preferred. Contains Cornish malted barley and wheat. Bitter finish is slow to develop but long to fade.

St Austell - Tribute - Golden - 4.2% - £2.90
Tribute is a magnificent example of a bronze coloured English bitter, with a rich aroma of biscuity malt and tart citrus fruit from the Willamette hops. Juicy malt, hop resins and tangy fruit coat the tongue, while the finish is long and lingering, with a fine balance between malt, hops and fruit, finally becoming dry and bitter.

Wells and Youngs - Courage Best - Malty - 4% - £2.80
Pale in colour, fully balanced with a malty flavour and distinctive hop character, makes for an easy drinking session beer.

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