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The Red Lion Inn Beers

Hop Kettle - Dawn Til Dusk - Pale - 4.8% 
Hopped with Ahtanum, Palisade and Mount Hood varieties

Hop Kettle - Respect your Elders - Golden - 5.3% 
Over 4kgs of locally foraged eldeflower heads went into this creating a beer that is in no doubt as to what it is created with, very floral with a nice balanced sweet/dry finish

Siren Craft Brew - Orange Boom - Wheat - 2.7% 
Championed by Felix in the brewhouse, Orange Boom has been at various events throughout the year in pilot batches. We eventually made room in the schedule for a full batch in November. This beer is the base of Calypso but with plenty of fresh orange zest and juice that really gives it a punch.

Hop Kettle - C.O.B - Amber - 3.8% 
The Red Lion Inn, Cricklade House Ordinary Bitter, balanced and highly sessionable

Butcombe - Bitter - Malty - 4% - £2.80
The West Country’s favourite beer derives from pure Mendip Spring Water…notably bitter, clean tasting, refreshingly dry and distinctive. Made with 100% best Maris Otter malt (the Rolls Royce of malts), together with a blend of (never divulged) English hop varieties…Butcombe Bitter is a moreish Mendip masterpiece!

Wadworth - 6X - Malty - 4.1% 
Full bodied and distinctive, 6X remains one of the Souths most famous beers. The beer is mid-brown in colour, malty and fruity with balancing hop character.

Hop Kettle - North Wall - Brown - 4.3% 
Full bodied, nice and malty with a lingering mellow bitterness

Gyle 59 - Elderbeery Stout - Stout - 7% 
A seasonal special for the colder months. A robust and complex stout with the addition of hedgerow elderberries collected from around the brewery. The result is a morish warming beer reminiscent of burnt toast, jam and dark chocolate spread

Abrahalls - Lily the Pink - Cider - 4.5% 
A medium cider made from 100% cider apples on our Herefordshire farm. Gorgeous pink colour and intense, fruity aroma. Very drinkable.

Cider - Magpie Summer Berries - Cider - 5.2% 
Made from selected cider apples blended with strawberry, raspeberry and blackcurrent juice to produce a fruity sweet cider

Cider - Ravens Roost Dry Cider - Cider - 6% 
is a dry clear cider with just a hint of sparkle to liven up the taste buds.

Westons Cider - Stowford Press - Cider - 4.5% 
A light refreshing sparkling medium dry cider.

Perry - Red Leg Perry - Perry - 5.5% 
Medium in style it has light and refreshing finish. It's made from ancient varieties of perry pears sourced from North Wiltshire and Herefordshire.

Czech - Kozel Pale Lager - Lager 
Kozel Pale has a slightly bitter taste, gentle smell and golden yellow color. This deep fermented beer with an alcohol volume of 4% goes particularly well with meals. Czech Beer of the Year 2010.

St Austell - Small Batch Brews Eureka - Lager - 4.9% 
Brewed in the style of the American Pale Ales from West Coast USA that inspired a brewing generation, Eureka is a single-hopped APA by St Austell Brewery’s Head Brewer Roger Ryman. Maris Otter barley is blended with Crystal Rye malt for a flash of amber and a little flaked maize for crispness, while the exciting hop variety ‘Eureka’ is able to express all its distinctive character. Intense notes of blackcurrant, tangerine and grapefruit alongside strong herbal and hop-kiln aromas suggest that this is a hop that we are going to be hearing a lot more about in the future. And at a powerful 4.9% ABV this is a real punchy American Pale Ale to savour.

German - Veltins Pilsner - Pilsner 
Brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516, “Fresh” VELTINS only uses pure malt, aromatic hops, yeast, and soft water ( the full bodied, soft water still emanates from the original springs in the mountains surrounding Grevenstein, an area of natural beauty protected as a Nature Reserve ).

Hop Kettle - Hop's In Pils - Pilsner - 5.2% 
House pilsner

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Nova Foresta - Vibrant Forest

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