The Old Crown Inn

Real Ale Pubs, Bars in Derby. Beer, Food, Music, Events at The Old Crown Inn The Old Crown Inn,
Cavendish Bridge, Shardlow,
DE72 2HL

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The Old Crown Inn Beers

Jennings - Dark Mild - Mild - 3.1% 
A very dark malty mild which is characteristically sweet. Well regarded by mild drinkers and with a loyal following.

Jennings - Cumberland Ale - Golden - 4% 
A superb golden coloured ale, brewed with malt made from specially selected pale ale malt and using only the finest English aromatic hops.

Jennings - Cocker Hoop - Golden - 4.6% 
An award-winning golden bitter from an all malt brew, with Styrian Golding hops added at various stages, to give a classic hop flavour and aroma.

Marston's - EPA - Pale - 3.6% 
A bright, blond ale, easy drinking for the modern palate.

Marston's - Marston's Pedigree - Pale - 4.5% 
Golden brown ale with a distinct smell of Burton Sulphur. Dry, biscuity to taste with an equal balance of bitter and sweet.

Marston's - Old Empire - IPA - 5.7% 
With its pale appearance, strong hoppy taste and higher alcoholic strength Marston's Old Empire comprises all the genuine characteristics of a true India Pale Ale, which were necessary to last

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