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Gomshall Mill Beers

Crafty - Crafty One - Pale - 4.2% - £4.10
Fresh and citrus golden ale with lemon notes from the Chinook and Sorachi hops.

Firebird - Two Horses - Pale - 3.8% - £4.10
A pale ale intensely hopped with modern bold varieties to give a big aroma and balanced bitterness. A full flavoured blend of Crystal, Cara and Munich malts. Gluten free.

Meantime Co - London Pale Ale - Pale - 4.3% - £4.70
English Goldings and American Cascade and Cluster hops provide the bitterness, whilst our unique dry hopping technique with bucketfuls of Cascade and Willamette hop gives it a truly tantalising aroma

Tillingbourne - Falls Gold - Golden - 4.2% - £4.20
Taking its name from the waterfall on the river Tillingbourne near Wotton, this cracking golden ale is laden with hops with a clean, crisp finish.

Timothy Taylor - Landlord - Amber - 4.3% - £4.10
This ale has won more awards nationally than any other beer. A strong ale with a golden amber colour. It has a scent of caramel, light fruits and roasted malt hints.

Hogs Back - Hazy Hog Cider - Cider - £4.40
A very refreshing, cloudy English cider. Gently sparkling and full flavoured with a fine haze. Made from 100% bittersweet apples using traditional methods and fermented in Oak barrels.

Westons Cider - Old Rosie - Cider - 7.3% - £4.90
This still cider is allowed to settle out naturally after fermentation resulting in a truly old fashioned, full flavoured, appley, cloudy scrumpy, with a well balanced medium dry character

Hogs Back - Hogstar Lager - Lager - 5% - £4.65
English Craft Lager 4.5% abv HOGSTAR is a rich-straw , golden yellow colour with a distinctive gently hopped aroma. A fuller taste with a good balance between sweetness and bitterness.

Peroni - Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free - Lager - £4.15
Brewed to the same recipe, the gluten is removed at the end of the brewing process by way of a "specific enzyme". It`s pretty close to its sister brew, with a slight heaviness here that`s not as discernible in the original ). It`s still the crisp, balanced lager you expect.

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