Somers Sports & Social Club

Real Ale Pubs, Bars in Halesowen. Beer, Food, Music, Events at Somers Sports & Social Club 2 Grange Hill
B62 0JH

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Somers Sports & Social Club Beers

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Bumblehole - Olde Swan
Centennial - Oakham
Cornish Knocker - Skinners
Devon Dumpling - Bays
Dr. Morton's Cow Polish - Abbeydale
Endless Summer - Oakham
Entire - Olde Swan
Enville Ale - Enville
Fist Full of Hops - Cannon Royall
Flower Power - Wye Valley
Gold - Thatchers
Hereford Pale Ale - Wye Valley
James Blonde - White Rose
Mild - Holden's
Old Peculier - Theakstons
Summer Sting - Wye Valley
Tiger - Everards
Town Crier - Hobsons
Village Idiot - White Horse Co
What The Fox's Hat - Church End
White Dwarf - Oakham
XXX - Three Tuns

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