Andover Arms

Real Ale Pubs, Bars in Hammersmith and Fulham. Beer, Food, Music, Events at Andover Arms 57 Aldensley Road
Hammersmith and Fulham
W6 0DL
020 87419794

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Andover Arms Beers

Fuller's - Chiswick Bitter - Pale - 3.5% 
this brew boasts a refreshing, highly drinkable flavour, flowery and fresh, with very well developed hop characteristics (a mixture of the Northdown and Challenger varieties).

Fuller's - Organic Honey Dew - Golden - 5% 
Light and golden with a zesty edge and a bitter-sweet flavour, Honey Dew is a naturally palatable brew that is Soil Association approved.

Fuller's - London Pride - Malty - 4.1% 
To the beer aficionado looking for the classic English pint, we say this: Whatever you do, take Pride.

InBev - Strongbow - Cider - 4.5% 
A refreshing cider with a good depth and character. Initial strong ‘cidery’ flavour from the fermented bittersweet juice with a hint ‘appliness’ or cooked apple coming from the culinary fruit. Made from a blend of Cider and Culinary apples, a well rounded, balanced cider.

French - Kronenbourg 1664 - Lager 
The unique recipe is distinguished by the use of the aromatic Strisselspalt hop which sets it apart from other beers. A unique variety of French aromatic hops, giving the beer an unrivalled aroma and superior taste.

InBev - Becks Vier - Lager - 4% 
Imported from Bremen, Germany, Beck’s Vier is brewed with precision to the Reinheitsgebot purity law, which ensures that only four pure ingredients are ever involved. This unique blend of golden barley, Bavarian hops, pure glacier water and unique yeast gives Beck’s Vier its clean, crisp, full bodied taste and exceptional refreshment.

International Beers - San Miguel - Lager - 5% 
San Miguel has a slight hoppy note with a distinct bitter hop character. It has a well-balanced medium body and is smooth on the palate with a pleasant clean finish.

Molson Coors - Carling - Lager - 4% 
skilfully brewed using lightly kilned British malts, aromatic hops and Carling's unique yeast to create a malty, sweet flavour, balanced with a hoppy 'clean flavoured' bitterness and the aroma of freshly harvested grain.

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