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All these Real ales available at Claydon & Barham Community Centre on 14th 15th and 16th October 2011

Claydon Barham Community Centre Beers

Greene King - Bonkers Conkers - Pale - 4.2% - £2.50
This fine seasonal ale has spicy flavours and a biscuit malt character that leads into masses of tropical fruit, grapefruit and orange citrus notes with a crisp bitter finish.

Greene King - Greene King IPA - IPA - 4% - £2.30
A refreshing session beer. It is often described as being a perfectly balanced ale and is characterised by the hoppy taste and aroma that comes from the use of Challenger and First Gold hops combined with pale and crystal malts.

Greene King - St Edmunds - Golden - 4.2% - £2.50
Fresh golden beer with a citrus finish, brewed using pale malt and Cascade hops. Crafted for modern tastes using traditional brewing methods.

Belhaven Group - Tantallon Sunset - Amber - 4.2% - £2.50
This classic ale offers subtle aromas of green fruit complimenting a background of optic malt. A duo of Challenger and Goldings hops contribute pleasingly to produce a perfectly balanced flavour.

Greene King - London Glory - Amber - 4% - £2.50
Celebratory ale created by the master brewers of Greene King for the nation’s capital city. Centuries of expertise and craftsmanship have come together to produce this rich and fruity brew that combines crystal malt with Challenger and Golding hops.

Greene King - Gangly Ghoul - Dark - 4.3% - £2.50
Rich and spookily dark beer with fiendishly fruity and hoppy notes.

Greene King - Howell at the Moon - Dark - 5% - £2.50
Brewed under the watchful eye of George Howell, our brewing wizard. This ale conjures up spellbinding dark and mysterious flavours that will bewitch your tastebuds and leave you 'howelling' for more.

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