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The Sparrowhawk Beers

Beartown - Wojtek - Golden - 5.8% 
Powerful, yet easy drinking, golden brew is developed with a combination of old and new world hops, resulting in a beer with fragrant hop aromas, a smooth, balanced, malty character and a lingering hop bitterness in the finish. Pronounced voytek.

Salopian - Oracle - Golden - 4% 
A crisp sparklingly sunflower gold ale with a striking hop profile. Dry and refreshing with a long balanced aromatic finish.

Weetwood - Oregon Pale - Golden - 4.5% 
Pale in colour, medium-bodied and with big flavours of citrus and grapefruit from the fantastic American hops first grown in Oregon. These are well balanced by Maris Otter malt and at 4.5% ABV, it`s strong enough to satisfy but remains a refreshing session beer.

Lancaster - Amber - Amber - 3.7% 
Dark gold in colour Amber complements its flavour profile with an abundantly hoppy bouquet allowing the drinker to relish subtle floral and citrus aromas. Both aromatic and bursting with flavour.

Phoenix - B&P Original - Amber - 3.8% 
Amber ale, brewed to our recipe by Phoenix Brewery... just for us! Nutty and malty taste.

Titanic - Plum Porter - Porter - 4.9% 
Multi award winning strong and well rounded porter with a natural plum flavouring, with a richness balanced with goldings hops.

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