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The Eleanor Arms Beers

Sam Adams Boston Lager - Amber - 4.8% - £4.70
Brewed with only the finest ingredients including Bavarian Noble hops and traditional brewing methods, Samuel Adams Boston Lager is full-flavoured and balanced. The balance of malty sweetness contrasted by hop spiciness and followed by the robust, smooth finish sets the standard for all Samuel Adams beers

Guinness - Guinness - Stout - 4% - £4.00
The Classic Irish Stout

Shepherd Neame - Master Brew - Amber - 3.8% - £3.10
A clean, dry, refreshing, session bitter, having a touch of sweetness, but displaying an assertive and vibrant hop with a lingering bitter finish.

Shepherd Neame - Oranjeboom Pilsner - Pilsner - 3.9% - £3.55
A delicious, easy-drinking Dutch drop with a hay-like hue and a herbaceous, grassy and fruity fragrance. Citrus notes on the palate speak softly of orange, kiwi and lemongrass buttressed with a hint of caramel sweetness and a gentle, drifting finish

Shepherd Neame - Kent's Best - Malty - 4.1% - £3.40
Merges the biscuity sweetness of English malt with the fruity, floral bitterness of locally grown hops from the Kent countryside, to give a clean, satisfying and moreish drink.

Shepherd Neame - Late Red - Amber - 4.5% - £3.70
A deep sweetness combining burnt notes with toffee and honey characterise this Autumn ale.

Shepherd Neame - Asahi - Lager - 5% - £4.30
Clean and crisp with a restrained bitterness and a subtle citrus aroma, this light golden beer was Japan's first "dry" lager. Its deft, distinct dryness comes from a carefully concise fermentation period, a minimum four week maturation period and the traditional addition of a small amount of rice. Fresh and with plenty of balanced finesse, it's an ideal accompaniment to the well-defined flavours and textures found in sushi.

Shepherd Neame - Bishops Finger - Malty - 5% - £3.90
A full-bodied, nut-brown, nourishing ale with a lingering hoppy finish, an ideal companion to food, or it can serve as a delicious digestive after a meal

Thatchers - Heritage - Cider - 4.9% - £3.60
Heritage is a popular, refreshing drink that reflects Thatchers expertise in crafting fine cider.

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Gold - Thatchers

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