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The Cock Inn Beers

Adnams - Lighthouse - Pale - 3.4% - £3.00
Lighthouse is amber-coloured with a light fragrance, lovely malt flavours and long hoppy after-palate.

Adnams - Southwold Bitter - Malty - 3.7% - £3.10
Southwold Bitter is a top ten selling cask beer in the UK.

Adnams - Broadside - Malty - 4.7% - £3.30
Rich fruitcake aromas - almonds, zest and conserved fruit. A wonderful balance of malt and hop flavours. A pint to savour. An easy drinking pint rich in flavour.

Goachers Maidstone - Real Mild Ale - Mild - 3.4% - £3.00
A full-flavoured dark mild brewed with chocolate and black malts and hopped with Kent fuggles.

Sharp's - Doom Bar - Malty - 4% - £3.30
A nicely balanced but firmly malt-accented amber Cornish bitter with an accomplished balance of spicy resinous hop, inviting sweet malt and delicate roasted notes.

Shepherd Neame - Master Brew - Amber - 3.8% - £3.10
A clean, dry, refreshing, session bitter, having a touch of sweetness, but displaying an assertive and vibrant hop with a lingering bitter finish.

St Austell - Trelawny - Copper - 3.8% - £3.00
Local barley is gently roasted to give this beer a classic burnished copper colour and a robust full body which belies its strength. A unique blend of English Golding and specially imported Galaxy hops from South Australia harmonise to give this beer a distinctive character of the old and the new world. Peach and Apriocot dominate the aroma. The taste is full with toasted biscuit and jam.

St Austell - Proper Job - IPA - 4.5% - £3.30
Proper Job is an authentic IPA brewed with Cornish spring water and a blend of malts including Cornish Gold. A powerfully hopped golden bitter that explodes with citrus grapefruit flavours, Proper Job was awarded a Gold medal as the Best Bottled Beer in the 2011 Great British Beer Festival.

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