The Carpenters Arms

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The Carpenters' Arms - a real community pub in Maldon, serving real ales and ciders more...

The Carpenters Arms Beers

The Maldon (Farmer's) - Farmers I.P.A. - IPA - 3.6% 
It's a bit light to be a true IPA, but its certainly hoppy. An amber coloured beer flavoured by Crystal & Chocolate malts balanced with Challenger and Fuggle hops.

Adnams - Southwold Bitter - Malty - 3.7% 
Fragrant aromas of finest English hops and malt. Dry but refreshing, with a distinctive lingering hoppiness.

Sharp's - Special - Brown - 5% 
Delicious over-ripe fruit blends perfectly with inviting roasted notes. The mouthfeel is succulent with dried fruit, malt and a generous hop bitterness. The finish is lingering and warm with fruit and malt notes. For a strong ale Special is subtle and dangerously drinkable.

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