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The Duke of Wellington Beers

Thatchers - Old Rascal - Cider - 6% - £2.25
Old Rascal Scrumpy is a strong, flavoursome cider made from juicy English apples. It's matured traditionally in oak vats to produce this scrumptious, full bodied, farmhouse cider.

Westons Cider - Marcle Hill - Cider - 5% - £2.25
Mellow and light easy drinking medium dry cider

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Abbot Ale - Greene King
Barn Owl - Cotleigh
Champflower - Cottage
Exmoor Beast - Exmoor
Exmoor Dark - Exmoor
Exmoor Gold - Exmoor
Exmoor Stag - Exmoor
Fortyniner - Ringwood
Gold - Thatchers
Normans Conquest - Cottage
Old Rosie - Westons Cider
Rosie's Pig - Westons Cider
Ruddles Best - Greene King
Snowy - Cotleigh
Traditional Scrumpy - Westons Cider
Vintage Organic - Westons Cider
Wild Cat - Exmoor

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