The Carnarvon Arms

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The Carnarvon Arms - also with a wide selection of wines and soft drinks available

The Carnarvon Arms Beers

Loddon - Hullabaloo - Amber - 4.2% - £3.25
English Fuggles impart a dry, herby bitterness which is balanced by the distinctly biscuity flavour of Crystal and Amber malts. A Best Bitter.

Guinness - Guinness - Stout - 4% - £4.00
The Classic Irish Stout

Westons Cider - Stowford Press - Cider - 4.5% - £3.35
A light refreshing sparkling medium dry cider.

InBev - Budweiser - Lager - 4.3% - £3.50
American style premium lager. Golden color with subtle aroma notes of malt and noble hops, along with trace citrus and fruit notes. The taste is crisp and clean with a wonderful finish.

International Beers - Staropramen - Lager - 5% - £3.90
The pride of Prague, Staropramen appeals to consumers' search for authenticity and superior quality. Staropramen is a full-bodied lager of unrivalled quality. It is brewed at the Prague Breweries, using traditional Czech brewing methods, and is the leading beer in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

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London Pride - Fuller's

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