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The Hayhurst Arms Beers

Derby - White Christmas - Pale - 5.5% 
Generously hopped with a dry bitter finish leaving you wanting more.

Beartown - Wojtek - Golden - 5.8% 
Powerful, yet easy drinking, golden brew is developed with a combination of old and new world hops, resulting in a beer with fragrant hop aromas, a smooth, balanced, malty character and a lingering hop bitterness in the finish. Pronounced voytek.

Castle Rock - Elsie Mo - Golden - 4.7% 
A blend of hops, with aroma and leaves a pleasant crisp aftertaste.

Moorhouse's - Stray Dog - Golden - 4.2% 
A brand new brew in collaboration with New Order. A refreshingly clean tasting golden ale. Brewed using American Cascade, Centennial and Willamette hops to give aromas of citrus fruits including lemon, grapefruit and lychee. Classic English Maris Otter provides a smooth malt balance to complement the subtle bitterness.

Phoenix - B&P Original - Amber - 3.8% 
Amber ale, brewed to our recipe by Phoenix Brewery... just for us! Nutty and malty taste.

Titanic - Plum Porter - Porter - 4.9% 
Multi award winning strong and well rounded porter with a natural plum flavouring, with a richness balanced with goldings hops.

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