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The Leather Bottle Beers

Bond Brews - Goldi-Hops - Pale - 3.9% 
'Goldi-hops' is an English style Pale Ale. Brewed using two blends of malted barley and wheat to provide a light golden hue. While two varieties of hop add a moderate bitterness level and a refreshing hint of citrus on the tongue.

Three Castles - Chain Mail Pale - Pale - 3.8% 
This clean zesty pale ale has a citrus fruit cocktail flavour and a clean bittersweet finish.

West Berkshire - Mr Chubb's Lunchtime bitter - Amber - 3.7% 
A traditional English bitter with the addition of single varietal hops to give a robust bitterness and a strong hop finish.

West Berkshire - Maggs' Magnificent Mild - Mild - 3.8% 
A typical dark mild with a slightly higher hop rate than normally used in milds. Not too sweet and very popular.

Lilley's Cider Barn - Mango cider - Cider - 4% 
Aromatic sweet cider blended with mango for a tropical flavour.

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