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The Greyhound Beers

Hook Norton - Cotswold Pale - Pale - 4.4% - £4.85
Pale gold with crisp citrus fruit

West Berkshire - Maharaja's IPA - Golden - 5.9% - £4.30
This golden IPA has a good strong bitterness with citrus overtones making for a very interesting mouthful. Named after the Maharaja`s Well in Stoke Row; it is a proper IPA and a most thirst quenching beer. Perfect for enjoying slightly chilled in the evenings.

Phoenix - B&P Original - Amber - 3.8% - £3.85
Amber ale, brewed to our recipe by Phoenix Brewery... just for us! Nutty and malty taste.

Timothy Taylor - Landlord - Amber - 4.3% - £4.20
This classic pale ale has won more awards nationally than any other beer. Refreshingly reliable with a complex & hoppy aroma that gives it real pulling power.

Hook Norton - Twelve Days - Malty - 5.5% - £4.40
A strong dark brown beer, offering a dominantly malty palate with nutty overtones, giving way to a lyrical sweetness that speaks for its strength. Available December.

Little Ox - Oddbod - Malty - 4% - £4.10
Amber - Hoppy - Malty

Loose Cannon - Abingdon Bridge - Brown - 4.1% - £4.00
Mid Brown in colour with a well rounded bitternes, full flavoured with a floral aftertaste.

Triple fff - Pressed Rat & Warthog - Mild - 3.8% - £3.90
Complex mild perhaps not in the traditional sense but we like our beers hoppy! Ruby coloured, dark chocolate aroma with hints of blackcurrant and plum leads to a soft yet full roast flavour, fruit and malt vying with the rounded hoppy bittersweet finish. Not only for the mild fanatics but the bitter lovers too. Both will be left satisfied and wanting more. Champion Mild of Britain 2002

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Best Bitter - Black Sheep
Frogbit - Pitchfork
Maggs' Magnificent Mild - West Berkshire
Ox Blood - Little Ox
Proper Job - St Austell
Resolution - Springhead
Roaring Meg - Springhead

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