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The Haycutter Beers

Harveys - Sussex Best Bitter - Pale - 4% - £4.30
A superbly balanced session bitter with a prominent hop character.

Harveys - Sussex wild hop - Blonde - 3.7% - £4.30
Wild Hop is brewed with the aptly named ‘Sussex Hop’ – originally discovered growing wild in a hedgerow in Sussex, but now cultivated as a variety in its own right. It is supplemented with Cascade hops grown in the UK. Beautifully balanced, but a bit on the wild side – ‘Sussex Born and Bred!’

Adnams - Ghost Ship - Golden - 4.5% - £4.20
This beer has a good assertive pithy bitterness with a malty backbone and a lemon and lime aroma.

Millstone - Sopwith Camel - Amber - 4.5% - £4.20
Sopwith Camel IPA is in tribute to the WWI fighter plane that was the most successful military aircraft of that era. This IPA with its caramel color and sweet smelling hops has a successfully blended hop combination that you would expect of an IPA but with much more flavor.

Pilgrim - Surrey - Amber - 3.7% - £4.30
Rounded and well balanced flavoursome amber bitter

Botley Hill - Gower Wolf - Copper - 4% - £4.20
A proper best bitter and great session supper.

Lilley's Cider Barn - Strawberry Cider - Cider - 4% - £5.00
Easy drinking still strawberry cider made with a blend of apple cider and strawberry juice

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