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The Haycutter Beers

Harveys - Sussex wild hop - Blonde - 3.7% - £4.20
Wild Hop is brewed with the aptly named ‘Sussex Hop’ – originally discovered growing wild in a hedgerow in Sussex, but now cultivated as a variety in its own right. It is supplemented with Cascade hops grown in the UK. Beautifully balanced, but a bit on the wild side – ‘Sussex Born and Bred!’

Westerham - Hay today.... - Amber - £4.10
Specially brewed for us by Westerham brewery. Light and bright with a pleasant bitter finish.

St Austell - Brunning and Price Traditional - Malty - 3.5% - £3.90
Beautifully amber and chestnut in colour, bursting with a rich malt, fine fruit and biscuit character, followed by a flint dry finish.

Lilley's Cider Barn - Apples & Pears - Cider - 5.2% - £5.00
Made from 88% pear and 12% apple. Sweet in flavour with a mouth-watering almost exotic taste. Available by the bottle

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