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Hopback - Summer Lightning - Golden - 5% 
An extremely pleasant bitter, straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma and an intense bitterness.

Timothy Taylor - Landlord - Amber - 4.3% 
This ale has won more awards nationally than any other beer. A strong ale with a golden amber colour. It has a scent of caramel, light fruits and roasted malt hints.

Wells and Youngs - Courage Directors - Malty - 4.8% 
It is a genuine premium ale, pale brown in appearance with a deep rich taste.

Guinness - Guinness - Stout - 4% 
The Classic Irish Stout

InBev - Stella Artois Cidre - Cider 
a premium crafted Belgian cider made from hand-picked apples.

InBev - Strongbow - Cider - 4.5% 
A refreshing cider with a good depth and character. Initial strong ‘cidery’ flavour from the fermented bittersweet juice with a hint ‘appliness’ or cooked apple coming from the culinary fruit. Made from a blend of Cider and Culinary apples, a well rounded, balanced cider.

Westons Cider - Stowford Press - Cider - 4.5% 
A light refreshing sparkling medium dry cider.

InBev - Budweiser - Lager - 4.3% 
American style premium lager. Golden color with subtle aroma notes of malt and noble hops, along with trace citrus and fruit notes. The taste is crisp and clean with a wonderful finish.

InBev - Stella Artois - Lager - 4.8% 
Crisp, mostly bitter and hoppy but with a good underbelly of malty sweetness. Subtle hints of lemon and tropical fruit, plus a little sourness, fill out the palate.

Molson Coors - Carling - Lager - 4% 
skilfully brewed using lightly kilned British malts, aromatic hops and Carling's unique yeast to create a malty, sweet flavour, balanced with a hoppy 'clean flavoured' bitterness and the aroma of freshly harvested grain.

Molson Coors - Coors Light - Lager - 4.2% 
Thanks to its yeast, Coors Light is always light and refreshing with subtle fruit notes of apple and banana. A pleasant bitterness works its way through the beer's sweetness, giving balance.

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London Pride - Fuller's
Old Rosie - Westons Cider

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