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Crown and Sceptre Beers

Uley - Pigs Ear - Pale - 5% - £3.90
CAMRA's Champion Beer of Gloucestershire 2007. Deceptively strong IPA that is eminently quaffable. A pale-coloured beer with a light hop balance leads to a hoppy, fruity aroma and smooth, finish. A wolf in sheep's clothing!

BrewDog - Punk IPA - IPA - 6% - £3.75
330ml This India pale Ale is brewed with pale malts and American and New Zealand hops. This ale has a nose dominated by tropical fruit flavours with honey and biscuit notes coming from the malt. The finish is bold, bitter and aggressive with the fruit flavours prevailing. [KeyKeg]

Belgian - Duvel Single - Blonde - £4.25
dry and crisp with mild yeasty citrus notes. More hops on the palate than in the nose. The beer is carefully balanced so that the hops play off equally with malt and citrus.

Stroud - Budding - Blonde - 4.5% - £3.70
Very popular, award winning blonde ale with a grassy bitterness, sweet malt and luscious floral aroma. A good session ale which packs a powerful punch.

German - Schneider Weisse - Unser Original - Wheat - 5.4% - £4.25
With its amber-mahogany coloring and streaked with fine top-fermented yeast, this beer has a fine, persistent head that adheres well to the glass. It is pleasantly fruity with a typical top-fermented smell, an aroma of clove and nutmeg apple tantalizes the nose. On the tongue it is fresh, clean, full-bodied, harmonious and well-balanced. It finishes with a light, delicate taste of bitters leaving behind a sour impression.

Uley - Uley Bitter - Malty - 4% - £3.60
A copper coloured beer with hops and fruit in the aroma, and a malty, fruity taste underscored by a hoppy bitterness with a hint of fruit in the taste. The finish is dry, with a balance of hops and malt.

Butcombe - Ashton Press - Cider - £3.70
Made from all English apples, pressed locally and conditioned in oak vats, producing a wonderful medium dry, strong, golden cider of superb quality.

Sharp's - Orchard - Cider - 4.5% - £3.70
Sharp’s Brewery have teamed up with Sheppy’s Cider to create Orchard Cider, a premium cider crafted with passion using westcountry cider apples. Sheppy’s, based in Somerset, the heartland of the UK’s cider industry, has a history spanning six generations and is one of the longest established cider makers in the UK. Using time-honoured traditional methods of production, David Sheppy and his team use the finest home grown cider apples harvested on their 350 acre farm. As they have done for 200 years, they still ferment and mature their cider in oak vats and maintain an excellent reputation for high quality cider. Orchard delivers a clean, natural, refreshing apple flavour without the use of artificial flavourings or concentrates.

Thatchers - Katy Medium Dry Somerset Cider - Cider - 7.4% - £4.00
a medium dry, fragrant and soft sparkling cider that commands a place at your table.

Wilces Cider Co - Wilce's Medium - Cider - £3.80
A bright and clear Herefordshire Cider with a natural golden colour producing a balanced blend of authentic cider tastes.

Czech - Budweiser Budvar - Lager - 5% - £2.80
Budweiser Budvar, the original Budweiser, is a classic of the style. Medium gold colour with quite a persistent white head. Slightly soapy, perfumed floral note on the nose at first, before a gentle, grassy hoppiness emerges and just a hint of toast. On the palate it is mellow and smooth, with quite a creamy texture and moderate, subtle hop bitterness.

InBev - Becks Vier - Lager - £3.90
Imported from Bremen, Germany, Beck’s Vier is brewed with precision to the Reinheitsgebot purity law, which ensures that only four pure ingredients are ever involved. This unique blend of golden barley, Bavarian hops, pure glacier water and unique yeast gives Beck’s Vier its clean, crisp, full bodied taste and exceptional refreshment.

International Beers - San Miguel - Lager - 5% - £3.95
San Miguel has a slight hoppy note with a distinct bitter hop character. It has a well-balanced medium body and is smooth on the palate with a pleasant clean finish.

Tuborg - Tuborg - Lager - 4% - £3.60
Awaiting tasting notes from brewer.

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