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Theberton Lion Beers

BrewDog - Nanny State - Pale - 0.5% - £2.20
Awaiting tasting notes from brewer.

Mauldons - Silver Adder - Pale - 4.2% - £3.40
A light coloured bitter with fine hop and malt combinations giving a refreshing crisp finish.

Thornbridge - Wild Swan - Pale - £3.40
Wild Swan is white gold in colour with aromas of light bitter lemon, a hint of herb and a subtle spiciness. A great session beer!

St Peter's - Ruby Red - Amber - 4.3% - £3.30
A tawny red ale with subtle malt undertones and a distinctive spicy hop aroma from Cascade hops. Ruby Red won a Silver Medal in the 2010 International Beer Challenge.

Woodforde's - Wherry - Amber - 3.8% - £3.00
Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of sweet malt and a hoppy grapefruit bitter finish characterises this champion bitter.

Adnams - Southwold Bitter - Malty - 3.7% - £3.10
Fragrant aromas of finest English hops and malt. Dry but refreshing, with a distinctive lingering hoppiness.

Orkney - Dark Island - Dark - £3.80
Exhibiting a ripe, fruity, chocolate nose,Dark Island is balanced by flavours of dark chocolate, dried fruit, figs and nuts from the combination of roasted malts and rich hops.

Williams Bros - Kelpie - Dark 
To recreate historical flavours, bladderwrack seaweed is added in the mash tun to give this wholesome dark ale a distinctive flavour. Rich chocolate ale with an aroma of sea breeze, a distinctive roast flavour and a crisp salty finish. *International Beer Challenge Silver Medalist 2010*

Humpty Dumpty - Jubilee Mild - Mild - £2.80
Dark, malty ale with limited hopping and a finely balanced mix of six different grains including wheat, brown malt and torrified barley.

InBev - Becks Vier - Lager - £3.60
Imported from Bremen, Germany, Beck’s Vier is brewed with precision to the Reinheitsgebot purity law, which ensures that only four pure ingredients are ever involved. This unique blend of golden barley, Bavarian hops, pure glacier water and unique yeast gives Beck’s Vier its clean, crisp, full bodied taste and exceptional refreshment.

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Bronze Adder - Mauldons

Opening Times

Weekdays: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm
Saturday: 12.00pm-11.00pm
Sunday: 12.00pm-10.30pm

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