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The Montague Inn Beers

Bath - Gem - Malty - 4.1% 
Gem has a rich aroma of hops and malt, with a long, deep, bitter-sweet finish. An exceptional best bitter.

Cotleigh - Commando "Hoofing" - Golden - 4% 
An explosion of fruit filled flavours from Cascade and Styrian hops. A pale golden beer, refreshing and slightly sparkling. Part of the proceeds for the bottled and cask beer will be given to the 40 Commando Welfare Fund. Pump Clips available: Somerset Commando Hoofing and Lympstone Commando Hoofing Ingredients: Pale and Crystal malts. Northern Brewer, Cascade and Styrian hops.

Gaymers Cider - Addlestones Cloudy - Cider - 6% 
A bright, golden, naturally cloudy cider with rich, bittersweet apple fruit flavours and a smooth, rounded finish.

Otter - Otter Bitter - Pale - 3.6% 
A beautifully light and fruity beer with good hoppy bitterness. It leaves a refreshing bitterness which prompts the next gulp. A wonderful, old fashioned beer. Brewed for drinking with no frills.

Wadworth - 6X - Malty - 4.1% 
Full bodied and distinctive, 6X remains one of the Souths most famous beers. The beer is mid-brown in colour, malty and fruity with balancing hop character.

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Dry - Orchard Pig
Gold - Thatchers

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