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The Rowbarge Beers

Cotleigh - Calypso - Pale - 4.3% - £4.10
Rather fruity hops. Light and refreshing

Itchen Valley - Summer Breeze - Pale - 4% 
When we brew this we find ourselves singing the Summer Breeze song around the brewery (which can get annoying). It`s a richly golden American Pale Ale extracted from the finest Pearl, Amber and Wheat malts. US hops are used for authenticity but also because they can be more punchy (due to the climate and terrain). It has a sharp initial bitterness that leads to a fruity finish. "Summer Breeze, makes me feel fiiiinnnne, Blowing through the Jasmine of my mind...."

Wild Weather - The Tropical - Pale - 6% 
Fruit Tea IPA

Three Castles - King Alfred's Gold - Golden - 4.6% 
Well hopped light, Golden ale. A delicate sweet & spicy flavour with hints of a citrus aroma

Reunion - Beardtongue - Ruby - 4.5% 
Beardtongue pours a deep ruby red. An aroma of dried berries and caramel is the precursor to a complex taste: some will speak of fruits, others mellow toffee with liquorice and coffee notes. The Northdown and English Cascade hops combine marvellously with the stronger, more kilned, malts.

White Horse Co - Black Beauty - Mild - 3.9% 
Black beauty mild joined are stable last year as a dark outsider, and dark is the right word! Rich ruby mild in colour, using the best chocolate malts and fine English Fuggle hops to achieve a flavour that leaves the rest of the herd behind like a true champion.

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Squid Ink - XT Co
Yu Lu - Siren Craft Brew

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