The Three Fishes, Lloyds No.1

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BN11 1BE

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The Three Fishes, Lloyds No.1 Beers

Arundel - Sussex Gold - Golden - 4.2% - £2.15
A rich golden beer with a hoppy, citrus finish. Very smooth, light and refreshing.

Arundel - Black Beastie - Dark - 4.9% - £2.15
this dark old ale has a pleasing hop aroma and a warm, soft initial flavour which develops into a powerful, roasted finish, imparted through the use of chocolate malt.

Banks & Taylor - S.O.S - Copper - 5% - £2.15
this bronze-coloured bitter has a well-balanced hop aroma and a rich mixture of fruit, hops and malt in the full flavour, leading to a pleasing slight bitterness in the finish.

Springhead - Maid Marian - Blonde - £2.15
A pale, refreshing beer, brewed with fresh oranges for a light, citrussy taste.

Wells and Youngs - Courage Directors - Malty - 4.8% - £2.20
It is a genuine premium ale, pale brown in appearance with a deep rich taste.

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