The Barnsbury

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All ale £2.50 all day & night Mondays and Tuesdays more...

The Barnsbury Beers

Brodie's - Whitechapel Weizen - Wheat - 4.5% - £3.50
wheat beer, super hoppy

Cheddar - Gorge Best - Golden - 4% - £3.50
Best Bitter provides a clean bitter taste that complements the warm malt flavours perfectly. It is brewed using the best quality Maris Otter and Crystal malts and hopped with a blend of English whole hops.

Otley - O5 Gold - Golden - 5% - £3.60
Golden yellow in colour. Made with American hops and lager malt.

Plain - Sheep Dip - Pale - 3.8% - £3.40
This traditional amber brew has a sweet start reminiscent of the chalk downland heathers and junipers and a dry hoppy finish.

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American IPA - Adnams
Olde Trip - Greene King
Original - Twickenham Fine
Red Top - Old Dairy

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