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ST16 3HD

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Kings Arms Beers

Grays - England's Pride - Dark - 4.5% - £2.30
a dark brew combining chocolate & crystal malts to give a luscious toffee malty flavour with hop & bitterness in the after taste.

Wells and Youngs - Courage Directors - Malty - 4.8% - £2.65
It is a genuine premium ale, pale brown in appearance with a deep rich taste.

Westons Cider - Country Perry - Perry - 4.5% - £2.85
English perry made in Herefordshire. Fermented and fully matured in old oak vats to develop an exquisite, delicate, light and fruity character. Softly floral with a clear natural pale straw colour.

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Bombardier - Charles Wells
Soggy Bottom - Jennings
Straw Dog - Wolf

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