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The Black Horse Beers

Tring - Side Pocket for a Toad - Golden - 3.6% 
Unmistakable citrus notes from only the best Cascade hops balanced with a floral aroma and crisp dry finish make this straw coloured ale a fantastic session beer.

Hanlon's - Stormstay Premium Ale - Amber - 5% 
HAND PULL Malt toffee and buscuit flavour nestle with the complex combination of three aroma hops while the citrusy Amarillo cuts though the alcohol sweetness. A dry and mellow finish

Fuller's - London Pride - Malty - 4.1% 
To the beer aficionado looking for the classic English pint, we say this: Whatever you do, take Pride.

Westons Cider - Country Perry - Perry - 4.5% 
English perry made in Herefordshire. Fermented and fully matured in old oak vats to develop an exquisite, delicate, light and fruity character. Softly floral with a clear natural pale straw colour.

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Old Golden Hen - Greene King
Old Rosie - Westons Cider

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