It is fantastic! I don't think I've ever put a list together as quickly! I can also do it sat in the pub too !

CAMRA AGM Sheffield

I would just like to say that your site has proved invaluable to me over the weekend of our beer festival to be able to print tasting notes has saved me a lot of time. A few customers have signed up for the SMS and I will be using it in the future for printing and updating my bar

Absolutely brilliant, thank you so much !

Steve Bell - Fisherman Arms, Hartlepool

YourRound takes the pain out of managing and promoting your beer festival. The tasting notes database alone is worth the subscription: Chester Charity Beer Festival have over 120 beers and ciders on offer and YourRound had ready-made tasting notes for the lot.

Kelvin Lawson - Chester Charity Beer Festival

I have just found out about this site at the right time as I am about to put on my first ever beer festival. I cannot believe how brilliant this product is. I want to thank you for taking out all the hardwork that I would have had to put in.

Brendon Daly - The Mad Rabbits Easter Ale & Cider Festival, Birmingham

We used the YourRound Festival Manager for the first time for our Ale and Steam weekend, and found it very useful and time saving. The notifications certainly gave people time to plan their visit and maintaining the beer list was quick and easy. I was able to leave printing the barrel ends and beer lists to the day before the festival as it only took minutes instead of hours finding and typing tasting notes and other details. We will be using YourRound again.

Martyn Herbert - Ale & Steam Beer Festival, Winchcombe