It has been going absolutely fantastically well ! The pub receives four or five new customers each week from using YourRound, who usually become regular customers, which equates to around an extra £2,000 a year in trade.

Darran Lingley - The Five Bells, Essex

It's great when a customer turns up having been alerted one of their favourites is on the bar especially at a time or day when wouldn't otherwise have visited.

Michael Dearing - British Lion, Devizes

After only a few days on the site  I can confirm that I have now had 2 regulars (that I know about) make an extra trip here as a result of getting a notification that a beerís on!

So I suppose I owe you a pint!

Gill Gibson - Land of Liberty, Hertfordshire

I think itís a very clever idea. Everyone has a favourite beer and real ales change more regularly than most. We only signed up last week, but when we changed the barrels, our assistant manager got a text saying we now had Doombar in, so he came and had a pint. That was our first success!

Matt Walker - Beehive, Cheltenham

The YourRound site is great and the Twitter integration makes it an excellent way to keep customers and friends up to date.

Adam Slate - Waggon and Horses, Dudley

I think it is easy to use and laid out very well, and will be a fantastic marketing tool. I LOVE it!

Steve Carthy - Buccaneer, Eastbourne

Only discovered YourRound in the last few weeks. It manages to automate a lot of the functions that I was struggling to keep up to date with e.g. Taste It Notes, Whatís On and Coming Soon lists, 3-D Table talkers etc.

The ability to update the BeerCam with just a couple of clicks is fantastic. Over the coming weeks I hope to use more of the facilities and to encourage our customers to sign up for test/email updates.

Cliff Brown - The Norton, Chelmsford

YourRound is extremely simple to operate, well laid out and does everything I could want to list my beers and other products for all to see. I am also pleasantly surprised at the number of times it has been mentioned to me by customers as a place where they look to help decide where and what they are going to drink. Overall itís a well used and well executed website.

Rich Kestin - The Strand, Cheltenham

We have 2 pubs with 5/6 bars so your site has been proving superb in our war on paperwork.

Steve - The Squirrel, Buckinghamshire

Had a group of lads in for a pint of Titanic Plum Porter tonight after they got a text it was on. Proves it works a treat!

Paul Jeffery - Old Harkers Arms, Chester

A valuable asset to reach our ale drinkers for forthcoming beer events, economically priced and easy to use.

A quick and easy update brings us ahead of the competition.

Matt Palmer - The Sportsman, Goddards Green

We wouldn't be without YourRound now, customers love the Tasting Notes.

Andy Crawford - Nags Heads, Makerfield

I think it's a wicked idea!

Craig - New Inn, Gloucestershire