Smart Pubs

Our customers are getting used to the at-a-glance info the labels add to our beer list - and the hi-tec people have been really impressed with all the info behind the QR codes. The great thing is - the labels offer help to everyone, including bar staff.

Gill Gibson - Land of Liberty, Hertfordshire

Having instant access to SmartBeer point-of-sale labels means we can promote real ales on the day they are delivered, which in some cases will be a only few days after the brewer created and named the beer !

Nigel Granger - Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

Smart Brewers

SmartBeer will dramatically improve the way we merchandise real ales in pubs and shops. Drinkers will instantly recognise the SmartBeer labels. Beers that don't have SmartBeer labels will be at a disadvantage.

Ian Macke - Vale Brewery, Buckinghamshire

SmartBeer represents a fantastic opportunity for brewers, publicans and drinkers to communicate quickly and easily using modern technology, and it's good fun too; we're fully on board !

Eddie Gadd - Ramsgate Brewery, Kent