Brewers Tutorial

Step 1: Adding Beers


What's in it for me?

By adding your beers to YourRound, when a Pub, Retailer or Beer Festival has them in stock we send out real time SMS and email alerts (depending on their preference) to drinkers informing them where they can find your products.

When you add your beers we instantly update all drinkers who have any of your drinks as a favourite, informing them that you have a new brew.

We also generate a QR Code for each beer, which links out to a mobile site where customers can Follow your beer to recieve alerts or Like it on Facebook.

How do I do that?

Log into your account and navigate to the left-hand menu, then simply click on Add Beers.

You can only add image files (*.bmp, *.jpg, *.gif, *.png) with a max file size of 4MB.

Please only add a PUMP CLIP IMAGE, with a white or clear background so that we can display properly on pumps, bottles and barrels.

Fill in all the details about your beer and click Add Beer to add it to your Beer List.

Add Beers

Keep Tasting Notes short and as too the point as you can to make it easier to display.

Tick the box if it is a Current Product (if it is unticked the beer will be listed as a Past Product on your Mobile Site)

Tick the box if it is a Regular Bew (if it is unticked the beer will be listed as a Seasonal Brew on your Mobile Site)

Show Me what I get...


  • Mobile Website
  • Beer Mobile Page
  • Microsite

for my Brewery

  • Online Beer Frames
  • Where's My Beer
  • Beer Guide and more..


  • Email Alerts
  • Text Alerts
  • Favourite Beers

You tell your customers where they can find your products - if it's not on the system, customers can't find it !

Connect to Twitter through the YourRound Social Hub to auto-tweet on your personal Twitter account so customers can see when a beer is added. Click Here to see how.

You get access to SmartBeer Labels, YourRound's revolutionary beer labelling system designed to help sell more ale and make life easier for your customers, pubs and retailers. Click Here to see more details and how to design your own SmartBeer Labels.