Brewers Tutorial

Step 2: Beer List


What's in it for me?

Why do I need to keep my Beer List updated?

Pubs, Beer Festivals and Retailers will add your beers to their account, so you need to make sure the information is correct !

How do I do that?

How do I do that?

Log into your account and navigate to the left-hand menu, then simply click on Beer List.

Click on the Edit button, this will open up the Beer Editing options for your beer. Here you can change the Pump Clip Logo, Name, Type etc.

Chage a Current Product to a Past Product if it is no longer being brewed.

Change a Regular Brew to a Seasonal Brew if only brew a beer certain times of the year.

Note: When you change a beer from not avaiable to a Current Product we will instantly alert all your customers saying the beer is now available.

Beer List

Show Me what I get...

Making sure your Beer List is all correct for customers using your Microsite and Mobile Pages. Click Here to read more about your YourRound Mobile Content.

Connect to Twitter through the YourRound Social Hub to auto-tweet on your personal Twitter account so customers can see when a beer is available. Click Here to see how.