Festival Tutorial

Step 1: Adding New Beers


What's in it for me?

We contact hundreds of local drinkers through email, SMS and Twitter, alerting them to what
beers will be on and where and when your festival is. Alerts are sent instantly when you upgrade your account to Premium, a week before and the day before your festival starts.

We also send 'Beer Matching' alerts if you add a beer that is in a customers favourite list.

Get access to Festival Printing to create your own professional looking prints from our database of 10,00+ Real Ales, Beers and Ciders. Includes Beer Price List, Beer Token and Barrel End printing.

Note: You can plan festivals up to 6 months in advance, so make sure you give yourself enough time to alert customers.

How does it work?

Add 5 Beers for FREE:

Add 5 Beers to your festival account to see how the system works. When you try and add your sixth beer you will be prompted to subscribe.

After you have upgraded and added your sixth beer, you will be given the option to alert hundreds of local customers about your beer festival.

Note: When the alerts go out we feature a link to your online beer list, which is updated live whenever you add new information. This is the only time you can manually send alerts so You Must Click Yes when given this option (some users set their account up for private functions and to get access to the Festival Prints, and so do not want local customers to be informed, which is why we give the option to select No)

How do I add Beers?

Log into your account and navigate to the left-hand menu and click Add New Beers.

Select the brewery from the Brewer Name drop down list.

Select the drink from the Beer Name drop down list.

* Tick to include or exclude UK Beers, Foreign Beers or Ciders & Perries in your search.

Enter the price to display on your BeerCAM and print outs.

Add Beers

What if the Brewer/Beer is not in the list?

If you can not find the brewery in the list then select 'Brewer not in List'

This will bring up the Add Beers request - Fill in the details and your request will be sent to us and we will contact the brewer to put their beer on the system.

Fill in as many details as you can about the beer - The brewer will be able to edit all information before they confirm.

Not in List

If you can not find the beer in the list then select 'Not In List'

This will also bring up the Add Beers request - Fill in the details and your request will be sent to the brewer asking them to put the beer on the system.

Show Me what I get...

  • Mobile Website
  • BeerCAM
  • Festival Widget

  • Beer Prints
  • Tasting Notes
  • Table Talkers

  • Email Alerts
  • Text Alerts
  • Favourite Beers