Festival Tutorial

What do I get for my Festival?


What are Tasting Notes Prints?

How does it work?

Create and print A5 or A4 tasting notes of your festival Beers and Ciders to use in your festival programme.

You can choose the layout of the print by selecting your prefered product sorting, then decide what order you would like your beers displayed in.

Taste Note Printing

Note: Beer Miles are calculated for each beer, and is the distance from your festival to the brewery the beer came from.

What does it look like?

Click Image to see in your browser

Beer List for the Land of Liberty, Hertfordshire

What does that do for me?

Use the Tasting Note Prints as a professional looking 'beer menu' to help customers see what beers are available. With full tasting notes, ABV and price they can work out exactly what they want to try before they come to the bar.

Use the Beer Miles to help the more 'green' of your customers see what beers are local, or alternatively help customers who want to try beer from furthest away.

What is Export to Excel?

How does it work?

Click the Create Now button to convert your beer list into a Excel spreadsheet.

Export to Excel

What does that do for me?

For those of you who like to be more hands-on with your festival organisation, convert all your beer information into this easy to manage Excel spreadsheet that you can order and edit to your preference.