Pubs Tutorial

Contact Customers


What's in it for me?

Use this if you want to send out personal messages to your customers, read customer feedback and also print out instructions on how your customers can use your PubID to start receiving alerts about what's on the bar.

Make trusted customers Pub Pals to help you keep your bar updated. See More..

How do I do that?

Contact Customers

Log into your account and navigate to the left-hand menu and click Contact Customers.

Here you can see the amount of Email and Text Alerts you have sent this month and in total.

Click Here to see how you can increase Customer Alerts.

Show Me what I get...

Email Pub Followers - Use this to compose a personal email to your pub followers then click send to instantly message them. Attach individually or all at once your Latest Offers, Events Lists, Feed Menu and Wine Lists.

Use this method if you want to say something to your customers personally, or if you want to do it instantly just use Update Customers buttons in the Promotions page.

Read Private Customer Feedback - Click to read customer feedback for pub. Note: We are not a pub rating site - Only you can see these results.