Pubs Tutorial

Step 3: Pub Promotions


What's in it for me?

Upload your your Latest Offers, Events List, Food and Wine Menus to make sure your customers are always up to date with what's going on at your pub.

It only takes second to add and alert all your locals, plus other customers searching your Microsite and Mobile Pages will be able to download the documents to their desktop/phone.

How do I do that?


Log into your account and navigate to the left-hand menu and click Promotions.

Individually upload your Latest Offers, Events List, Food Menu and Wine Menus by clicking on Browse then selecting the file on your computer.

Click on Upload to add the file to YourRound.

Once the file is uploaded click on Update Customers.

Show Me what I get...

We will send an email to all your customers with the document attached and automatically Tweet on your Twitter feed. This also means that customers will be able to download all documents from your Microsite and Mobile Page, so make sure that all four are kept up to date !

If a customer clicks on a button and you haven't uploaded a document, we will automatically send you an email saying that a customer was looking for your information and provide you a link to upload it.

We also give them the choice to add your Pub as a Favourite, so they will be alerted when the document is uploaded.