Pubs Tutorial

Step 7: PubPals


What's in it for me?

Too busy to keep your bar up to date? Make a customer a Pub Pal to do some of the work for you..

Pub Pals are trusted customers that can add beers to your bar and update availability status on your behalf without access to price and Pub Manager functions.

How do I do that?


Log into your account and navigate to the left-hand menu and click Pub Pals.

Here you can see all the customers that have your pub listed as a favourite, divided into Pub Pals and Locals. When a customer requests to be a Pub Pal you will receieve an e-mail asking for your approvel. Their name will move to the Pub Pal list and an Approve button will appear next to their name.

When you click Approve they will be added as a Pub Pal and they will be sent a confirmation email. If you do not wish to add them as a Pub Pal click Delete and they will be moved back down to Your Locals.

Show Me what I get...

PubPals Update

Once you have approved a Pub Pal, they can help you and your bar staff by updating the bar from their YourRound account.

They can change drinks from Coming Soon to On Now and vice versa, and they can use the drink search to add new drinks to the bar as well to make sure everything is kept up to date.

This works the same as if you were updating the account, so SMS and E-mail alerts will be sent to all of your customers. Make sure only trusted locals are made Pub Pals !

Note: PubPals do not have access to add prices or change any of your pubs details.