Pubs Tutorial

Step 1 - How to Add New Beers

Step 2 - How to Update Your Bar

Step 3 - How to Upload Your Promotions

Step 4 - How to use In Pub Printing

Step 5 - How to Sign Up Customers

Step 6 - How to Contact Customers

Step 7 - How to Use PubPals

Step 8 - How to use QR Codes and your Mobile Page

Step 9 - How to use your Microsite

Step 10 - How to use your BeerCAM / BeerBoard

Step 11 - How to use your Beer Frames

How can I update my account using my Mobile?

What do I get for Customers?

What is SmartBeer?

Why Not Download the YourRound Pub Checklist

Pubs Checklist