Pubs Tutorial

Sign Up Customers


What's in it for me?

Get new customers to come back to your pub by connecting them to your YourRound account. By texting your Pub ID to our SMS service at 66777, your pub will automatically be added as one of their Favourites in their YourRound account.

They can allow 'Follow' your pub by using your YourRound Mobile Page on their smart phones. 'Following' your pub means that it will be instantly added as a favourite.

Use both of these methods to connect customers to your pub so they will receive beer alerts and latest news whenever you update your account.

How do I do that?

SMS Sign Up

Log into your account and navigate to the left-hand menu and click Contact Customers then click the 'Sign up my customers' button.

Your Pub ID is assigned to you when you create your account.

To connect customers to your pub they need to text your Pub ID to our SMS service at 66777. Sign up instructions are featured on your Table Talkers and Tasting Notes, click Print Now to design and create yours. Read more about In Pub Printing Here.

Click Sent to email yourself sign-up information on how it all works.

Click Headline and this will automatically add the Sign Up information to your prints and BeerCAM.

Show Me what I get...

Sign Up Buttons

Print off your SMS Sign Up posters and display them around the pub to help get customers subscribed to your pub, so they will start receiving alerts when you update the bar.

All Sign Up Posters feature your pubs's QR Code, so when scanned they can choose to 'Follow' your pub using your Mobile Page to receieve alerts.

Note: If they do not already have a YourRound account, we instantly create them one when they send your Pub ID and we assign your Pub as a their favourite. If they're on your Mobile Page they can instantly create an account for themselves using on online sign up.

Click Here to see an example of what your Sign Up Sheet looks like.