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What is SmartBeer?

SmartBeer Features

SmartBeer is our revolutionary new beer labelling system designed to instantly inform buyers about the style and flavour of real ales, SmartBeer is aimed in helping drinkers answer the question "I wonder what kind of beer it is?" when making their descision about what drink to buy.

Why should I use SmartBeer Labels?

Customers can find their favourite style, with a single glance of a SmartBeer Label. They can instantly recognise the colour, character, strength and type, all the information one would need to be able to spot their beer of choice.

SmartBeer Labels also have a QR Code linked to it's unqiue Beer Mobile Page, where customers can 'Follow' the beer or 'Like' it on Facebook to share with their friends.

For Pubs it helps both the trained and untrained bar staff to easily point customers in the right direction when looking for a certain style of drink.

The SmartBeer label also makes it easy for Supermarkets, and other retailers, to group similar beers together so that drinkers can quickly find the colour of beers they like and select from their preferred types.

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Choose which layout of SmartBeer logo you prefer to use in your pub. Each print out comes in PDF form and features Instructions on how best to use the labels.

Order our SmartBeer Point of Sales Kit

Click on Accessories from under My Account, here you can order any combination and quantity of our Point of Sales Kit that suits your pub.

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SmartBeer Labels

SmartBeer Labels as shown in the pub.

Help customers and bar staff quickly and easily identify beer types. See all labels at