Pubs Tutorial

Step 2: Update Bar


What's in it for me?

For Basic Pubs:

Update your bar so that your BeerCAM is up to date for all your customers.

For Premium Pubs:

Updating your bar is really important and can have several effects for Premium Pubs.

Unticking a beer that is Coming Soon will set it to being On Tap and will send out SMS and Email alerts to all your customers. Make sure you keep your customers informed with exactly what is on the bar !

From Update Bar you can share your beers with your friends on Facebook so all your friends on your personal or business page can see see what you have on. You can also talk directly to the brewers if you think there is a mistake with one of their beers that you added.

You can update your bar from your desktop and mobile !

How do I do that?

Log into your account and navigate to the left-hand menu and click Update Bar.

Make sure your bar is up to date - Unticked means the beer is On Tap, tick the box if it is Coming Soon. This is reflected on your Mobile Page.

Put the price of the beer so that it displays on your Mobile Page and BeerCAM.

Select a Beer as being Permanent so it will stay on your bar. Unticked Beers are classed as Guest Beers and will be removed from the bar after awhile (you can change the length of time under Preference in My Details)

'Like' the beer to share the information with your friends on Facebook.

Click Contact Brewer to bring up our message pop-up box. To save you time we already fill in the Subject and Message with the details that you would need to ask the brewer, but you can edit the message to say whatever you want.

Update Bar

To save time, make all your changes then press Update at the top or the bottom of the Update Bar to save all changes at once.

Note, Update Bar and Custom Beers have their own sections, make sure you press the right Update button when you have made your changes.

What are Custom Beers?

Custom Beers

Beers will remain classed as a 'Custom Beer' until they have been allocated a brewery (if you selected Brewer Not in List when you added it) or if you added a beer that wasn't in the brewers list.

When the beer has a brewer attached to it they will need to confirm the beer as one of their products, as well as adding details and a Pump Clip Logo.

How do I Request a Pump Clip?

Log into your account and navigate to the left-hand menu and click Pump Clip Request.

Select the Pump Clip you want to bring up the Pump Clip Request menu.

Pump Clip Request

Click Print to Print the Pump Clip 'as is' - This means the quality of the image is how the brewer uploaded the image to YourRound. This can be used temporarily while you wait for the brewer to send you the Pump Clip.

Click Save to save the image as a JPEG onto your computer.

Click Email to email the brewery with a request to send you the Pump Clip.

Show Me what I get...

  • Mobile Website
  • BeerCAM
  • BeerBoard

  • Beer Prints
  • Tasting Notes
  • Table Talkers

  • Email Alerts
  • Text Alerts
  • Favourite Beers